Burgess Moving and Storage is a professional, family-oriented company specializing in local and interstate relocation.  We are a full service storage facility and also provide record storage and management services. Burgess Moving and Storage is located in Riverside, CA California and serves all of southern California, and the Inland Empire.

Document Storage and Management

  • Of our accomplishments in the Records Management arena, we are most proud of our ability to develop innovative solutions to our customers' needs. Often, we have adapted our time-tested methods to the specific requirements of our clients. This has helped us to provide services that are much more in-depth than traditional providers of storage services. Our client relationships are long-term ones, many ongoing for over 15 years.
  • Burgess utilizes software specifically designed for record management. It is premier software used by record storage companies worldwide. We selected this software carefully with much research and found that it truly is of the highest quality on the market, without exception. It is a barcode system; records are bar-coded and indexed as they enter our facility. This ensures accuracy and efficiency and makes access very easy. We are constantly updated with newer versions of the program to keep us on the leading edge of the industry. This software allows us to produce reports and databases in several formats so that we can provide information to all our clients, no matter what system they use.
  • Our facility is very secure. We have a security system with sensors at every entrance. Our security system is continuously monitored by an outside firm that is linked to our local police department. In addition to theft security, Burgess has a fire suppression system in place. Not only are there fire sprinklers throughout the building, we have added fire sprinklers throughout every aisle of each of our three floors of storage racks. Our fire suppression system is continuously monitored by an outside firm linked to all emergency agencies in the area, dispatched immediately in the event of a fire.


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